Chairman Trekker

February 15 2012

CLIENT | Chairman Trekker

In 2012, Rob Clarke, Chairman of three Boardworx clients, successfully trekked to the South Pole, raising vital funds for The Humpty Dumpty Foundation in the process.

Rob and four fellow Australians, departed on 1 January 2012 for what proved to be a physically challenging, yet intensely rewarding experience.

The five trekkers reached the South Pole at 7.00am on 17 January 2012, coinciding with the 100-year anniversary of Robert Scott’s arrival during the notorious Terra Nova expedition in 1912.  But unlike Scott’s ill-fated journey, they all arrived in good health and in good spirits, even after trekking 111 kilometers in tough conditions, with wind chills reaching – 48 degrees Celsius.

“I got very emotional as I approached the South Pole…it was the culmination of 15 months of fundraising and physical and mental preparation. To arrive on the centenary of when Robert Scott walked on the very same spot 100 years before was simply inspiring!” expressed Rob.

Rob described the trek as “the most challenging adventure that I will ever experience in my life.  It surpasses anything else I have ever attempted by a factor of 5.”

In the last five years alone, The Humpty Dumpty Foundation has purchased more than 1,000 pieces of essential medical equipment helping save the lives of newborn babies and sick and injured children all across Australia.