10 Female ‘Super Connectors’ of ASX

September 11 2012

BOARDWORX MEDIA | The 10 female ‘Super Connectors’ of the ASX

Boardworx Director, Leanne Ralph, was named one of the Top 10 female ‘Super Connectors’ of the ASX in 2012.  A huge achievement!


“It’s not what you know, or even who you know: when it comes to the boardroom, it’s how many people your own connections know, that really matters.

But for women on the ASX, there’s hardly an “old girls network” to rely on for this, at least not in an official capacity based on visible boardroom connections.

And that’s not just because women are still significantly underrepresented on the ASX, rather, it’s because women tend to be connected to the opposite gender.

However, there are 10 leading female “super connectors” on the ASX, according to company mapping experts Optimice, based on data provided by Thomson Reuters (as of August 2012).  Individually, they are their own networking hubs, powerful centres of capacity for boardroom introductions and collaborations. These women have the ability to reach a significant number of board members directly, or through an introduction from somebody they share a boardroom table with.”

The full list and article can be found on the link below:

LINK | The 10 Female Super-Connectors of the ASX